How to be Fabulous by Forty: A Roadmap

ROAD-MAP TO 40 You might be scratching your head wondering exactly what is a “Road-map to Forty?” It’s actually quite clear when you get the context of the number forty. Most people say forty with a bad taste in their mouths; forty is that awful age that many people, both men and women, dread.  Worlds shatter. Dreams are […]

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50 Top Christmas Songs of All Time

There are many delicious layers to a Christmas Carol.  Each season when that first carol rings through the radio your thoughts drift to hot chocolate, brightly wrapped presents, family, traditions, bells, or even bustling malls.  You may feel happy, excited, joyful, sad or lonely but Christmas songs always bring anticipation of the holiday season ahead. But then there are those special songs […]


One Surprising Thing (we all do) That is Preventing Your Happiness

Have you ever wanted something so bad? It consumes your every thought, it radiates through every fibre of your being. You know the feeling, it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up, it’s what drives all your decisions, and it’s the one thing that will make you happy. No one else might […]


How to Achieve Greatness and Live a Better Life

We all have the right and ability to live a better life. Living a better life means truly enjoying the moment.  You might strive to earn a living, go on vacations, have healthy relationships, be a great parent or surround yourself  by interesting, inspiring and fun people. You can add to this list an infinite […]


Inspirational Quotes to Live By

Quotes are tidbits of profound inspiration. When you hear a special quote sometimes something just happens inside of you. The simple perspective reminder can instantly turn your mood from depressed or agitated to happy and inspired.  Quotes make us want to become better people, and can actually motivate us to do so. Below are 40 inspirational quotes that […]


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