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8 Ways to Instantly Supercharge Your Life

Do you want to surf a wave, learn a language or write a book?  It’s never too late to become the person you’ve always dreamed you could be. The reality is you can be anyone or anything you desire.  You already have the tools you just need to dust off the toolbox and get to […]

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3 Buddhist Beliefs That Will Rock Your World (And Make You Much Happier!)

I believe that you don’t need to be a traditional Buddhist to follow their  uplifting moral guidelines, anymore than you need to be a devout Catholic to practice the ten commandments.  This article below from Mind Body Green sums up perfectly, three Buddhist beliefs that will enhance your perspective. Original article via Mind Body Green by Megan Jayne […]


Five Masks We Wear and Why We Should Take Them Off

Imagine, for just a moment, a world where no one cared what car you drove, what designer handbag you carried, or what job you worked at. Can you sense the freedom? But this isn’t reality, because we do care.  And because we care we’ve developed habitual masks to please and impress others. We all wear […]


5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Things Go Wrong

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” ~ Kenji Miyaza When things go wrong, and they will, we often put our attention in the wrong direction. I know I do. I complain, look for someone to blame, start a one woman pity party or envision terrible outcomes. This negative thinking doesn’t […]


5 Habits of Happier People

Have you ever looked at someone who positively glows and lights up a room and thought, “What happiness drug are they on?  Because I want some.” The bad news is there is no happiness drug – no quick fix, but there are a few proven habits that can bring happiness into your life. Right now. […]


One Habit That Can Instantly Change Your Life

Is your cup half empty or half full? Have you ever been told by those annoying optimistic types to look on the bright side? What thoughts do you think run through the minds of the happiest people you can imagine? The answer is simple.  Healthy, happy people think about what they want, and how to […]

BREATHE: Meditation, Mindfulness & Spirituality


How to Meditate: 10 Essential Tips

Meditation is a powerful habit that has the ability to enhance your relationships, goals, emotions, hobbies and habits.  Meditation is all about getting up close and personal with your mind and there's no doubt it can get messy.  Through meditation we will begin the process of getting to know … [Read More...]


10 Steps to Mindfulness

“In this moment, there is plenty of time.  In this moment, you are precisely as you should be.  In this moment, there is infinite possibility.”  ~ Victoria Moran  Mindfulness is paying attention, deliberately and non-judgementally to each moment of your life. Mindfulness will change your life, … [Read More...]

LIVE: Happiness, Health, & Love

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The Twenty Best Wedding Songs You May Have Never Heard

“I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me.” -Roy Croft ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?  If so, congratulations, and you’ve come to the right place […]


20 Things To Let Go of Before the New Year

Are you like the rest of us poor, sad souls? Waiting by idly for happiness to find you? You can’t just wait for happiness to find you silly; you have to make your own happiness. Surprisingly there are tried and tested things we can all do today to help happiness seep into our lives – at any age […]

WORK: Satisfaction & Money


10 Steps to Instantly Turn Any Job Into Your Dream Job

Is it safe to say we don’t all have a job dreams are made of?  What a romantic notion to think that everyone in the world can find a job they love so that "they never have to work a day in their life."  This article is in no way telling you not to pursue your dreams, but our dream of becoming an … [Read More...]

CHANGE: Healthy Habits & Intention Setting

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Why You Should Stop Being so Hard on Yourself

We've all experienced this at one time or another – guilt for not exercising enough – not blogging or reading enough – for making that one unhealthy choice two days ago? Have you ever felt dispirited with the constant media bombardment of people with perfect bodies, jobs, kids – let's face it, … [Read More...]

Manage Problems

How to Manage Problems in Life

Sometimes life never seems to hand you lemonade; you might have all these lemons and the super optimistic types are saying; so make lemonade, but instead you're fumbling, dropping and even collecting more lemons. Problems are everywhere. They come up everyday – work, home, health, money, … [Read More...]

EMOTIONS: Stress, Anxiety, Anger & Jealousy


10 Ways to Create More Time

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. ~ John Lennon You know the feeling, there’s an endless to-do list and too little time. It isn’t long before we feel like a piñata at our six year olds birthday party, abused and flung in every direction. Ask yourself these questions: Do you spend time … [Read More...]


10 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Life Lighter and Happier

Our modern world is often filled with stress and sadness, but we don't have to suffer unnecessarily. Life can be much simpler, making your life simpler will reduce the heaviness. In order to make our lives lighter and happier, I want to share 10 of my own habits that I like to implement on a … [Read More...]

MOVE: Fitness, Yoga & Running


How to Fight Anxiety With Exercise

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the heck she is.”   ~ Ellen DeGeneres Background:  "How to Fight Back Against Anxiety" could have been written in a single post, but because the issue of mental health is effecting … [Read More...]