50 Things You Won’t Say During Your Final Days of Life

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Many thoughts race through our minds every day and so many of these thoughts are useless, non-productive and harmful.

Below are 50 things I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be saying during your final days of life.  When we gain some perspective and see how silly these thoughts and worries actually are we can start to change them.

1.  If only I’d spent more time on Facebook.

2.  All those years I held grudges against loved ones was well worth it.

3. It’s a good thing I was able to buy that BMW, now people have something really great and meaningful to remember me by.

4. My granite counter tops have made me the happiest person in the world.

5. I’m glad I kept my feelings pent up my entire life.

6.  I wish I had more twitter followers.

7. I’m glad I lived my life based on the expectations of others.

8. All this dog hair is driving me crazy, I don’t care if they are my best and most loyal friend in the entire world, the dog must go.

9.  I spent too much time with my family and not enough time working.

10.  I need more money.

11.  Do I look fat?

12. Look at those wrinkles, I wish I had time for more plastic surgery. It would be worth every penny.

13. The time and money spent vacationing was a waste.

14.  I’m too busy to relax.

15. Juicer or smoothies?

16.  What oil should I cook with?

17. I’m glad Twilight is the only book I’ve ever read.

18. Turn the car around, I forgot my iPhone.

19.  I wish I hadn’t of taken such good care of myself.

20.  I wish I spent more time at the office.

21.  I’m so glad I saved every cent and never enjoyed my hard earned money.

22.  My greatest disappointment in life was missing the season finale of the walking dead.

23.  I think I spent my life having too much fun.

24.  If I hadn’t used that disinfectant hand sanitizer I’d have been dead long ago.

25.  I wish I had of spent more time wallowing in the past.

26.  Who got voted out on the bachelorette?

27.  I’m so glad I never had a chance to see the Eiffel Tower.

28.  It’s great I didn’t complete anything on my bucket list.

29.  I’m so glad I never told her/him that I loved them.

30. It’s a good thing I put my health and wellness on the backburner all those years.

31.  Going to church was a waste of time.

32.  I should have complained more.

33. I should have never gone to school, what a waste of time.

34.  It’s a good thing I waited to enjoy life until retirement.

35. I’m glad I always took life so seriously.

36.  All that worrying was energy well spent.

37.  I should have been more critical.

38.  It’s a good thing I never let anyone see the real and amazing me.

39.  I’m glad I lost touch with all my friends.

40. I wish I hadn’t laughed so much.

41.  Thank god I got to level 100 in Candy Crush

42.  I wish I had of spent more time cleaning the house.

43.  I played with my dogs way too much.

44.  I need to fit into my skinny jeans.

45.  Thank god I wasted thousands of hours watching TV.

46.  I wonder what Rob Ford is up to?

47.  It’s a good thing I never said everything I needed to say.

48.  I’m glad I lived with a closed mind.

49.  It’s good thing I always compared myself to others.

50.  I’m glad I resisted everything out of my control.

 Now add to the list below, name some silly things we worry about today, that we’ll laugh about later.

Featured photo credit:  Patrick Doheny




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  • http://www.TheGoToMom.com Kimberley – The Go-To Mom

    51. I’m glad I was so good at emotional hoarding by holding grudges about things that didn’t really matter against people I loved and adored.

    I love your posts! You rock and always bring a huge smile to my face… xxoo… oh and #4 is classic. Just classic.

    • http://www.barefootbeginnings.net Tina Williamson

      That’s a good one Kimberley!
      I love number 4 as well! It’s an ongoing joke between my husband and I :) Thanks so much for your kind words.

  • Rachel

    Sorry, don’t agree with number 22!

    • http://www.barefootbeginnings.net Tina Williamson

      This one made me laugh, I’m a big fan of the walking dead myself lol!

  • Elaine

    Number 4 is an ongoing joke in this household too – particularly as one of our family are using them as justification for a new house. Apparently, it’s going to add value to it…

  • http://TrishAllan.com Trish

    Hi Tina, I’m so glad I read your post today! It was exactly the reminder I needed to get real- especially #35. Thanks!

  • Janeen

    Hi Tina,
    I just came across your blog today..no accident for sure..:-). What a great reminder on how to live life.. Thank you and have a blessed day..

  • Darren

    Query, however, whether the statements would all be the same if we were talking about final years instead of final days? No one needs money if they’re dying tomorrow, but would you want to spend your final years in poverty? From that perspective, the ones targeting materialism or relationships ring true, but not so sure about the ones targeting hard work or savings.