10 Songs to Release Stress and Mellow Out

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The soothing power of music is well known. It is directly tied to our emotions and can have profound effects on our mind, body and soul.  Many people often overlook it’s healing power.

The Huffington Post published an article called: Stress Relief Songs:  Music that Reduces Anxiety , this article said:  Japanese scientists explained how listening to sad music can actually trigger positive emotions. They explained that sadness prompted by art is not the same kind of sadness that results from a tragic event. Indeed, the sadness prompted by art can actually feel quite nice. “If we suffer from unpleasant emotion evoked through daily life, sad music might be helpful to alleviate negative emotion,” the scientists wrote.

I’d like to send that article to all of my friends who continually joke that they need to go on suicide watch while listening to my IPOD.  I love all kinds of music but particularly acoustical and powerful.

Some interesting studies from PsychCentral’s:  The Power of Music to Reduce Stress:

Music has been used for hundreds of years to treat illnesses and restore harmony between mind and body. But recently, scientific studies have attempted to measure the potential benefits of music. They have found:

  • Music’s form and structure can bring order and security to disabled and distressed children. It encourages coordination and communication, so improves their quality of life.
  • Listening to music on headphones reduces stress and anxiety in hospital patients before and after surgery.
  • Music can help reduce both the sensation and distress of both chronic pain and postoperative pain.
  • Listening to music can relieve depression and increase self-esteem ratings in elderly people.
  • Making music can reduce burnout and improve mood among nursing students.
  • Music therapy significantly reduces emotional distress and boosts quality of life among adult cancer patients.

Music can be a powerful tool in relieving stress, and can be used in several ways.  Below I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favourite songs to release stress and mellow out.

1. Damien rice – Amie


2. Passenger – Let Her Go


 3. Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun


4. Matthew Barber – Where the River Bends


5. Ed Sheernan – Kiss Me


6. Joshua Radin – What if You


7. David Gray – The Year’s Love


8. Dido – See the Sun


9. Sarah McLachlan – Angel


10. Jack Johnson – Buddha

Please share your favourite “mellow out” song in the comment section below.  I’m always looking for some new music!

Featured photo credit:  MTSOfan


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  • Meghan

    Thanks for sharing! I really like Widespread Panic “Driving Song”, most of the songs on Ray LaMontagne’s albums are all so calming, Dave Matthews Band “So Sweet”, “Crash”….so many great ones!

    • http://www.barefootbeginnings.net Tina Williamson

      I love the Dave Matthew’s song Crash, one of my favourites! I’m going to check out the others I love to find new music! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://rmhomedesign.wordpress.com Marjolein

    Thanks for sharing, i love them.

  • http://www.katbphotography.com Kate

    Great list! Love David Gray! Check out BigHead Todd and the Monsters, “Bittersweet”, Finley Quaye’s “Dice”, Paolo Nutini is amazing as well, especially his song “Candy”. Gary Jules “Mad World” just takes you to a whole different level, another good song to just surrender to. I have so many more I could add! :). Thank you for sharing this awesome playlist! Love your site! Kate

    • Tina Williamson

      Thanks Kate! I love Paolo Nutini as well! Bittersweet is such a great song too! I also have so many songs I could add to this list, I love the powerful acoustical songs!